Tactical Fire Control or Tac-Con™ is a firearm accessory company that specializes in high-quality resetting triggers for the AR-15.

Founded in 2013, Tac-Con™ began when inventor Michael Stakes was speaking with a border patrol agent who was frustrated with the resetting trigger for his AR-15. Michael took this conversation and created what would be the 3MR Trigger.

With a prototype in hand, Tac-Con™ set out to mass produce the trigger and make it available to the average retail consumer.

Tac-Con’s triggers and accessories are all ATF Compliant and built with only the highest quality materials.

Never comfortable staying in one place Tac-Con™ strives to constantly innovate with new triggers and accessories.

Tac-Con™ is committed to delivering high quality, reliable firearm accessories on the wings of customer satisfaction.

All Tac-Con™ products are made here in the United Sates and assembled by hard working Americans. We are proud to serve our American brothers in the military and law enforcement realms. Tac-Con™ goes to great lengths to ensure that each and every one of our products is held to the highest standard of manufacturing.

Whether you are simply a gun enthusiast or a distributor we are happy to help you with all of your gun accessory needs. Contact us today for more information!